Message from eman pulis

Eman Pulis; Founder of SiGMA

Having organized the inaugural summit for Med-Tech World, I saw firsthand how the healthcare of tomorrow was being thought of, engineered and rolled out today. Seeing an amazing variety of investors and innovators all under one roof with the singular goal of spearheading a better and healthier future was beyond inspiring and it’s my pleasure to work towards the discoveries of the summit becoming the life-saving interventions they have the potential of being.

Innovation, in its purest form, is a force for good that transforms the creative brilliance of the brightest minds and puts it to work revolutionizing the way we live. To this end, Med-Tech World has the potential to be a hub for medical advancement and entrepreneurship, a place where the keenest minds of the medical world can work hand-in-hand with investors to ensure that this creative energy is harnessed to its fullest.

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Message from the TEAM

Dr dylan attard

med-tech lead

Dr. Dylan Attard; Conference CEO & Co-Chair

I believe in teamwork over the singular. In the operating theatre, everyone pulls in the same direction to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. Over the past couple of years, healthcare has become our patient that is deteriorating every day. It is therefore up to all involved stakeholders to pull together to achieve the best possible outcome – better healthcare for all.

I also believe in action over talk. That is why I am whole-heartedly invested in the vision of med-tech becoming the hub of health tech innovation. That is why I strive to ensure a platform for discussion and innovation. A platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and find the right connections to allow them to scale their products. I want to be a part of what defines the next ten years of healthcare which sets us on the path of the next century.

Whilst thanking you for taking the time to read through I would be more than happy to have a chat with you and see how you can get the best out of Med-Tech.

what does med-tech mean?

We are passionate about Med-Tech, Healthcare Technology, Digital Health – look at it like a hybrid between health and technology. We feel that our role as Med-Techs in being enablers of networking between all relevant stakeholders in the field, giving a stage to the small guys as well as those more established in the field and fostering innovation and advancement through education and meeting of the greatest minds. That is why we invite individuals with medical technology products, services or solutions to improve people’s health by preventing, diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease.

We understand that Med-Tech is becoming an integral part of a patient’s pathway both in primary and secondary care. Looking to the future, this will become more interwind with our daily life just like other forms of technology have become. It is useful for practitioners as much as it is for patients.

Dr ryan grech

Health Tech Advisor

Dr. Ryan Grech; Conference COO & Co-Chair

This decade is a defining one for humanity. Whilst acknowledging the threat of climate change; we must also acknowledge the threat that the state of global healthcare poses. Sometimes not being in the thick of it does not let you appreciate the gravity of the situation but let me assure you, healthcare is in a critical state. Ever-decreasing and burnt-out human resources, increasing financial requirements, aging, increased complexity of disease amongst others are creating the perfect storm for disaster – one which like global warming we may never recover from.

Whilst I understand that tech is not the solution it certainly is part of it. The winds are blowing in the sail in the right direction with increasing investment and resources going towards avoiding the ship from getting caught in an endless whirlpool. Through the med-tech summit, I want to play a part in ensuring that the ship moves as far away as possible from this whirlpool by providing a platform for the rapid sharing of ideas, knowledge, and network to add fuel to the engine to point us in the right direction.