Five Lives

Dementia is a huge public health problem affecting around 55 million people in the world, currently the seventh leading cause of death driving societal costs of US$1.3 trillion annually. No drugs are available to reverse or prevent dementia in Europe, but lifestyle-based interventions do reduce risk by 30-50% (Livingston 2020). Hence, the opportunity to detect at-risk individuals and support them in lifestyle adjustments to prevent or delay dementia is substantial. Five Lives is aimed at Europeans aged 50-75 year-olds, particularly those with concerns about their brain health who cannot access specialist support, since they do not yet meet clinical criteria. Our objective is to empower them to take control of their personal health journey by adopting a healthier lifestyle. To do so, we have built an engaging direct to consumer digital therapeutics solution for the prevention, early detection and treatment of Central Nervous System conditions, starting with dementia.