Implandata Ophthalmic Products

Implandata is transforming glaucoma care by introducing its breakthrough EYEMATE system for remote disease monitoring and management. Glaucoma is a chronic age related and incurable eye disease and a leading cause of irreversible loss of eyesight in the world. At glaucoma patients, increased intraocular pressure is causing permanent damages to the optic nerve, which gradually leads to progressive loss of eyesight. By 2040 120 million patients will suffer glaucoma. Despite a wealth of treatment option a considerable number of patients is losing eyesight and eventually go blind, as today disease status and therapy effectiveness can be only controlled at infrequent (3-4 per year) office visits. In between office visits therapy effectiveness and adherence is completely unknown. The EYEMATE system allows disease monitoring at home under normal life conditions. Eye doctors can remotely monitor and manage the disease, as the information is provided by a digital telemedicine solution.