Miracle srl

Miracle srl is an IT innovative start-up company that integrates intelligent components to monitor health status and measure vital parameters through Artificial Intelligence techniques. The tools such as the electrocardiogram, that monitor the vital parameters and the health status of an individual, are invasive, require qualified personnel and don’t allow daily monitoring of health status. Consequently, it is necessary to develop novel tools that alleviate the aforementioned issues by simplifying monitoring, avoiding “unnecessary” visits and promoting a culture of prevention. The objective of the proposed solution is to detect the non-contact vital parameters of an individual, such as heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen saturation. In detail, we propose a cloud-based service that relies on remote photoplethysmography techniques to detect physiological parameters without the use of contact sensors. Moreover, through the contributions of the intelligent system, the proposed solution returns an index concerning the individual’s degree of cardiovascular risk.