neuro42, Inc.

Having a portable MRI with a robotic platform, that would allow for emergency screening of stroke patients and could be used across departments and within the operating room environment for live image guidance, is appealing to the physician community and fuels the need to develop such technology. neuro42 creates a superior patient experience with no claustrophobia or loud MRI noises. Most of the patients that feel confined during a traditional MRI and build anxiousness due to long wait times resulting from scarce availability of MRI machines, will take a sigh of relief to know that our technology provides a more comfortable experience and lends to the radiology community an additional, low maintenance, equipment in their arsenal to manage scheduling better. The fact that physicians treating these patients have a tool that can provide real time feedback of the activity during the procedure, be it resections or probe placements, would build confidence in the patient about their provider’s willingness to deliver best in class treatment for them. The AI component at neuro42 has a multifocal focus, including refining the quality of scans in post processing and building a database of treatment and diagnostic information to develop classifiers for predictive analysis and automated treatment planning. Our robot is envisioned as an assistive tool for surgeons during interventional procedures including catheter placements, needle biopsies, laser ablations, multielectrode placements during sEEG procedures and drug delivery for chemotherapy.