We are addressing the problem of Misdiagnosis of Epilepsy which is around 35-40%.
Epilepsy is one of the most prevalent neurological disorders characterized by recurrent seizures in the brain. Around 50 million people are affected worldwide with 6-8 million people in India. The ratio of number of Doctors to epilepsy patients in India is 1:2600 and the misdiagnosis rate of epilepsy is around 35-40%.
If Seizure is untreated, the mortality for patients continuously seizing is >70%.
The Misdiagnosis Triad:
Electroencephalogram(EEG): EEG is one of the primary diagnostic tools used to confirm epilepsy diagnosis. Various drawbacks in the current EEG diagnostic process is the major contributor to the greater rate of misdiagnosis. The drawbacks in the EEG process are the following :
1)Current EEG Systems(used in India and other developing countries) lack better signal quality.
2)Lack of properly skilled and trained EEG technicians in India.
3)Greater prevalence of Neurologists misinterpreting EEGs.