Oro Muscles

We optimize elite athletic training and rehabilitation by connecting muscle activity data to action. With our platform, coaches, clinicians, and researchers can see inside the muscles of their clients to understand;(1) Which compensation mechanisms their clients use when fatiguing or when muscles are misfiring, (2) What are the weak points of their clients’ current training/rehabilitation, (3) A full analysis of exercises for the creation of a movement toolbox to understand which exercises specifically target those weak points for their specific goals and their specific biomechanics;and (4) How can we optimize the use of this movement toolkit to periodize exercises effectively and optimally? Founders, Hobey Tam and Tanya Colonna began Oro Muscles in the US in 2017. After a year, things were growing and developing, but not in a sustainable manner. For this reason, they applied to accelerator programs and ended up moving over to the Netherlands to pursue this venture. Since the move, things have really picked up and Hobey and Tanya have moved their lives to Europe to get this started and scaled.
Hobey is the CTO- he oversees all technology development, manages our pilot site customer relations, and ensures customer satisfaction. Hobey has a PhD in bioengineering (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hobey-tam-3b136a5b/). Tanya is the CEO- she coordinates the legal matters such as IP negotiations, financials, marketing, and external partner relationships. She has a background in engineering and engineering management