Simbo.ai is a clinical documentation product using multi-modal AI. It listens (also sees) to doctor and patient and creates clinical documentation for the doctor real-time. Simbo is part of a startup called mTatva which is an 8-year old digital health startup out of India.
Simbo.AI helps doctors create clinical documentation within few seconds by using their voice without touching keyboard/mouse or pen. It is used by 100s of doctors in India after its commercial launch few months back.
Simbo.AI also won NASSCOM, ET Health, CAHO (Consortium of Accredited Hospitals), CE Worldwide awards earlier this year. We are also recognized by WEF C4IR consortium and part of Amazon Startup Ramp program for public sector.
We have two solutions:
1. SimboAlpha which is a virtual AI clinical assistant for doctors.
2. SimboBISLU which is a virtual resident doctor helping them do real time documentation.