Softcare Studios

Softcare Studios is a digital health startup developing virtual reality experiences for pain/stress management and therapy education of patients (pediatrics and adults) undergoing critical medical procedures. Our products are present in 15+ healthcare facilities, undergoing clinical validation, and distributed in form of bundles to hospitals, medical specialists, Pharma, and Medtech companies. Our leading product is TOMMI, a VR gaming experience designed as a non-invasive and drug-free digital tool to reduce pain perception and clinical anxiety in hospitalized pediatric patients (7-13 years old). The application consists of 4 gaming activities tailored to supporting children in different critical moments of the therapy experience, with a special focus on pediatric oncology, dentistry, and painful medical procedures such as vascular access routines. Preliminary results of ongoing clinical studies showed a 40% reduction in pain perception and a significant drop in necessary sedation rate during invasive medical procedures in young patients using TOMMI.