TalentFind solutions

TalentFind Solutions is the world’s first intelligent global medical recruitment and HR platform to use Ai technology bring together all aspects of medical recruitment and HR functions in one system.
Powerful suite of tools:
eMEDMARKETPLACE™ A global job board and network of TalentFind users, offering access to thousands of medical professionals around the world with the right skills to fill your job roles. eMEDCOLLEGE™ Ensures candidates meet your regional licensing requirements and allows you to manage the training and upskilling of your existing staff.
eMEDLICENSING™ Cut time and admin by intelligently managing the whole licensing process with an easy to use interface and TalentFind’s 3rd party integrations.
eMEDNURSEPOOL™ A global nurse talent pool accessible by TalentFind users within the eMedMarketPlace. Find the right candidates with the right skills to fill your job roles from across the globe.