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MedTech World Barcelona Showcase: Setting the Stage for Healthcare Innovation

By Yulia Yurevich

MedTech World’s upcoming Roadshow in Barcelona, in collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub, marks another milestone in their journey of advancing innovation in healthcare. After successful events in Dubai and Berlin, Barcelona emerges as the next destination owing to its reputation as an upcoming emerging hub of MedTech and Digital Health. With a vibrant ecosystem comprising … Continued

Preci-Health are reshaping phlebotomy and venipuncture

By Matthew Calleja

“Answering high market needs with technology in healthcare is how we can empower individuals to take charge of their health journey.” Laurence Blazianu, Chief Business Officer What groundbreaking advancements are reshaping phlebotomy and venipuncture? How pivotal is technology in driving this innovation forward, and what does it mean when this technology is meant to be … Continued

Patient Centricity: The gateway to medical innovation

By Matthew Calleja

“We are only at the beginning of the digital revolution in healthcare – realising this vision means we must not only spark innovation, but build trust and confidence through validated scientific evidence.” – Gianrico Farrugia, M.D, President and CEO at Mayo Clinic What a year it’s been for Mayo Clinic’s groundbreaking venture, Mayo Clinic Proceedings: … Continued

One year later: AI and Big Data in Healthcare

By Matthew Calleja

“More than half of medical professionals everywhere know to anticipate the seismic shift poised by technology to revolutionise healthcare.” – Alex Diaconu, Co-Founder and CEO at Aigia Health How have perceptions of AI and big data in MedTech evolved over the past year, and is the industry ready for the big changes brought on by … Continued

MedTech experts discuss top 3 Go-To-Market strategies

By Matthew Calleja

“Global commercialisation? I don’t think it exists. At best, we can aim for a multi-location strategy. Even giants like Amazon reign supreme in only 40 countries.” – Pilar Fernández Hermida, Founder at i-Expand Navigating the labyrinth from local innovation hubs to global market dominance proves a Herculean task for startups in MedTech and beyond. What … Continued

One million benefit from ClinicY’s patient-centric digital health solutions

By Matthew Calleja

Clinicy, a healthtech startup based in Saudi Arabia, has successfully secured a substantial seven-figure investment in its Series A funding round.  Having already served one million patients and counting, Clinicy’s innovative solutions are poised to further revolutionise healthcare delivery in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Led by Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), a prominent venture capital … Continued

Doctor’s heroic act sparks MedTech debate amidst Apple hardships

By Matthew Calleja

How does a doctor respond to a medical emergency in the confined space of an aircraft, armed only with limited resources? Are legal disputes hindering the advancement of medical technology? What global conversations surround these critical healthcare issues?  Let’s delve into the significant day when Dr. Rashid Riaz used an Apple Watch to rescue a … Continued

Exploring Arab Health 2024: The UAE healthcare oasis

By Matthew Calleja

Amidst the dunes, Arab Health emerges as a buzzing trailblazer, standing out as a paramount healthcare event aimed towards fostering collaboration through trade and innovation.  The curtains will rise at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Monday, 29th of January. Here’s a curated list of noteworthy events that we believe should be on your radar … Continued

Digital health in Primary Care: Four must-know insights

By Matthew Calleja

How has the digital landscape in primary care evolved, and what’s next? What about the government’s role in steering digital health initiatives? Solutions to maintaining a motivated healthcare workforce? Is it about time the healthcare model is shifted from treating sickness to preventing it?  Explore these questions and more in this article with insights from … Continued