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Saying Auf Wiedersehen to Berlin: MedTech World Roadshow Highlights

By Matthew Calleja

“There is no better time to innovate than now.” – Bence Török, MedTech Project Manager, Brighthills MedTech World and 5-HT Chemistry & Health joined forces to bring the MedTech Roadshow to Berlin. The event buzzed with excitement and anticipation as industry leaders delved into the latest insights and trends shaping healthcare, digital health, and medical … Continued

MedTech World Barcelona Showcase: Setting the Stage for Healthcare Innovation

By Yulia Yurevich

MedTech World’s upcoming Roadshow in Barcelona, in collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub, marks another milestone in their journey of advancing innovation in healthcare. After successful events in Dubai and Berlin, Barcelona emerges as the next destination owing to its reputation as an upcoming emerging hub of MedTech and Digital Health. With a vibrant ecosystem comprising … Continued

Preci-Health are reshaping phlebotomy and venipuncture

By Matthew Calleja

“Answering high market needs with technology in healthcare is how we can empower individuals to take charge of their health journey.” Laurence Blazianu, Chief Business Officer What groundbreaking advancements are reshaping phlebotomy and venipuncture? How pivotal is technology in driving this innovation forward, and what does it mean when this technology is meant to be … Continued

UCLA’s AI-assisted wearable device helps restore voice

By Matthew Calleja

“A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. Powerlessness and silence go together.” Margaret Atwood – Poet, novelist, teacher. Atwood’s words illustrate the significance of one’s metaphorical voice in the expression of opinions and the representation of agency. Along this vein, is there a … Continued

MedTech experts discuss top 3 Go-To-Market strategies

By Matthew Calleja

“Global commercialisation? I don’t think it exists. At best, we can aim for a multi-location strategy. Even giants like Amazon reign supreme in only 40 countries.” – Pilar Fernández Hermida, Founder at i-Expand Navigating the labyrinth from local innovation hubs to global market dominance proves a Herculean task for startups in MedTech and beyond. What … Continued

Malta’s Venture Capital Landscape Receives €10 Million Boost to Support Innovative Startups

By Dr. Dylan Attard

Malta’s startup ecosystem received a significant boost with the inauguration of the Venture Capital’s offices in Sliema by Minister for the Economy, Enterprise, and Strategic Projects, Silvio Schembri, on Monday, March 18. This move follows Schembri’s announcement in September last year that the government had allocated €10 million for a venture capital fund aimed at … Continued

Pioneering medical innovator Acorai secures $4.5M in a heartbeat

By Matthew Calleja

Acorai, an emerging medical innovator device rooted in Sweden and a standout participant in the Med-Tech World Malta 2023 Pitch, has successfully wrapped up a series seed equity round that echoes with success. In a flash, Acorai secured $4.5 million, advancing its clinical studies after a €2.3 million grant and €10 million commitment from the … Continued