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30th December 2021

A Happy New Year’s eve from the SiGMA Group to you

With 2021 soon to be behind us, we can take some time to reflect on how far we have come along both as the SiGMA Group as well as the wider medical community.

With the ongoing pandemic, the industry has been at the forefront of a global fight against an ever evolving foe. This being said, technology has been a vital tool in maintaining that crucial edge. To this end, we are very proud to say that the year saw the inaugural launch of the Med-Tech World Conference.
Uniting tech-leaders, medical specialists, innovators and entrepreneurs together to work towards a healthier and safer future for us all, this summit laid the foundations for the future to come.
During the first edition of the Med-Tech Pitch, we were lucky to have several participants whose ideas had the potential to completely overhaul the medical world. While all were brilliant, Tanya Colonna stood out amongst the rest. As CEO of Oro Muscles, she managed to take home the prize of up to €500,000 as well as consulting services and lead strategies to help Oro hit the ground running. Using a mixture of AI software, medical-grade hardware and machine learning patterns, the firm has a strong chance of disrupting the preventative care space.

The Med-Tech Awards was another chance to celebrate the pioneers of tomorrow’s life saving technology. While force majeure did play its hand in the form of an unexpected fire, it was handled with grace as it was summarily extinguished after a successful evacuation. Our decision to organize the Awards Night in defiance of this emergency was a decision made out of respect towards the leaders of the medical profession, masters of crisis management in their own right, who had very much earned their accolades several times over.
Being treated to a lavish reception at Hilton’s Portomaso Lounge, our nominees were hosted by the ever hospitable Trudy Kerr and Gylles Morrison. Celebrating the humanitarian nature of the evening, the Awards Night then progressed to a charity auction with the earnings going towards the SiGMA Foundation and its efforts to increase education and digital access in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In terms of global developments, we have seen the rise of the Metaverse leading to several breakthroughs in VR-empowered surgery, research into biological robots that can clean the oceans and AI-driven methods of combating depression. The ingenuity of the medical community is something that we can’t celebrate enough and the discoveries of today will be the cornerstone of tomorrow’s healthcare.
Finally, we would like to thank our community. With Med-Tech’s first ever summit laying the groundwork, we can begin to look forward to the future of medicine through the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship we seek to cultivate today. Having said that, we wish you a deeply well-earned holiday season and a happy new year.