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6th March 2022

AI Covid „Test-to-go“ passes the test for European market

The MagnfiEye testing package includes a certified self-test and an AI application that can make reliable and precise calls on the results

Following the objective of making antigen tests more reliable in a wider time frame, Sensyne applied its AI reading device MagnifEye to draw precise and quick conclusions to the the self-test issued by Excalibur. Joint tests have seen success, paving the way for adoption in the European market, the UK included.
In lab settings, MagnifEye has already been in use by the NHS for more than a million lateral flow antigen tests. Independent research has shown that the AI significantly increased testing accuracy. Within two seconds, the AI classifies tests as “positive”, “negative”, “void” or “invalid”. The first two categories being self-explanatory, the “void” label indicates the control line cannot be detected and “invalid” meaning that the sample is corrupted or not useable for other reasons. A certain threshold of very small viral loads were especially missed by human examiners, while the AI performed better.
Non-COVID diagnostics are being pursued using the system for the future as well, while the certified COVID tests seek to secure international pandemic recovery.

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