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21st June 2024

How do startups flourish at a MedTech Conference? Veterans answer

Four unique roadshows and half a dozen pitch competitions, MedTech World continues to give the platform to startups with innovative ideas that attract investment. 

Just to mention a few numbers, MedTech Malta 2023 saw 150 startups and 1,700 attendees, including 100 investors, facilitating over 100 deals. 

However, both onstage pitching and offstage networking take a lot of effort from everyone at your booth to get right. How have successful startups navigated and maximised opportunities at our past events?

Following in the footsteps 

Ahead of our Roadshow event in Singapore this August and MedTech Malta in November, we reconnected with two of our veteran champion entrepreneurs from past shows. They shared insights into the startup life at our events, their planning, and strategies. 

First up is Max G. Ostermeier, who led Implandata to victory at MedTech Malta 2022, en route to transforming glaucoma management with digital health innovation. 

Our second commentator is Andrew Ortega-Verdaguer from IntelVasc Inc., who recently won in Dubai. With 15 years of healthcare experience, Andrew brings global expertise in operations, marketing, strategy, and sales.

Optimising your summit experience

A good first impression works wonders

Navigating the dynamic of each summit is its own maze, and understanding the atmosphere is crucial for fine-tuning strategies before each day kicks off. That’s why absorbing first impressions and understanding their impact on your strategy are essential.

Max G. Ostermeier reflected on his experience, noting that Malta’s historical beauty provided a stunning backdrop for the event. 

Whether a single-day special or a three-day summit extravaganza, time is always of the essence. 

When asked about his priorities at our events, Andrew highlighted the strategic organisation that fostered networking opportunities throughout the day—from sessions and coffee breaks to lunchtime and cocktail hours. 

“In just one day, I set myself to connect with key figures from the Ministry of Health of the UAE, healthcare consultants, corporate executives, medtech investors in the Gulf region, and fellow entrepreneurs. I’m confident this experience enriched my understanding of synergies and opportunities in the region.” 

Max emphasised the dual benefits of pitching to investors and exploring cutting-edge healthtech innovations and future healthcare trends while networking with peers.

Strategy and results

The best technology showcase practices

When it comes to time-proven strategies for technology showcases, Max highlighted the significance of active participation in MedTech World events, leveraging his experience winning the startup pitch competition and delivering a keynote. 

He sees these events as integral for networking and visibility within the healthcare innovation ecosystem. Highlighting the challenges of healthcare innovation, Max underscores the value of collaborative efforts among founders, akin to familial support. 

Moving forward, he aims to enhance his involvement as an innovation pitcher, panellist, keynote speaker, and mentor, contributing to future events to foster innovation and industry advancement.

Andrew highlighted IntelVasc’s strategic goals of expanding clinical activities across Gulf countries and commercialising after their US launch. To this end, at MedTech Dubai 2024, he set out to showcase the company’s vision to key medtech players and gain valuable feedback from investors.

Seize learning opportunities

The best conferences are platforms to both educate others about your expertise and showcase your product, all while uncovering unique insights you wouldn’t get from staying at home. 

Andrew was impressed to discover the resonance vascular events have with judges, investors, and regulators at conferences in the UAE setup. He further elaborated how its focus on sustainable healthcare and interest in remote monitoring technologies aligns well with their product’s AI component. 

“The UAE’s commitment to sustainable healthcare was palpable, I’d found. There was clear enthusiasm for AI’s potential to optimise clinical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.”

Max reflected on valuable insights gained, particularly on refining our innovation based on investor feedback. The event also shed light on common challenges like fundraising and regulatory hurdles, offering guidance for solutions.

Strategise for long-term benefits

MedTech conferences excel in combining real-time experiences with forward-thinking solutions and networking, providing valuable insights that inspire and guide businesses toward optimal growth and innovation paths.

Reflecting on their experiences, both guests described how participating in these events elevated their innovation and company visibility within the industry, among investors, and peers, significantly enhancing their business prospects. 

Max elaborated, sharing

“Additionally, these conferences are pivotal for accessing expert advice across market access, IP, regulatory compliance, and financing. Collaborations with these advisors have proven instrumental, facilitating critical milestones such as achieving reimbursement clarity in key markets.”

Andrew added,

“The insights gained and connections made at these conferences have been crucial in navigating our company’s growth trajectory, enabling us to efficiently achieve significant milestones that drive long-term value creation.”

All aboard for MedTech Malta 2024!

Immerse yourself in the future of healthcare at MedTech Malta from November 6th to 8th! Set against Malta’s historic backdrop, our event draws MedTech pioneers, investors, and industry leaders.

Secure your tickets now to contribute to tomorrow’s healthcare landscape!