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3rd August 2023

Med-Tech World Summit’s CEO (only) Forum: Uniting MedTech Visionaries in Malta.

An Exclusive Gathering of MedTech CEOs

In a pioneering initiative, the Med-Tech World Summit’s CEO Forum is poised to convene at the opulent Grand Excelsior Hotel in Malta, providing a unique opportunity for MedTech CEOs to collaborate, share experiences, and gain valuable insights. This exclusive event, co-hosted by Med-Tech World Summit & LifeBlood Talent + Capital, promises an unrivaled platform for candid discussions and mutual support among industry leaders. As the excitement builds for this one-of-a-kind gathering, let’s delve into the significance of this CEO Forum and its potential to drive MedTech innovation to new heights.

The CEO Forum’s distinguishing feature lies in its exclusivity, catering solely to MedTech CEOs. Designed deliberately to exclude investors, corporate strategists, and industry partners, this forum fosters an environment where CEOs can engage in candid conversations without the pressure to impress external stakeholders. By maintaining this focused approach, the event cultivates an atmosphere of camaraderie, allowing participants to openly share their experiences and insights.

Guiding MedTech Pioneers

Mr. Giovanni Lauricella, renowned for his strategic acumen and industry expertise, stands as co-host of the CEO Forum. His leadership and commitment to advancing MedTech have propelled him to the forefront of the industry. Teaming up with the visionary minds of the LifeBlood team, known for their innovative contributions, underscores the forum’s commitment to empowering MedTech CEOs with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape.

Mr. Giovanni Lauricella, Managing Partner at Lifeblood Capital &Talent

“CEOs often tell me that being a CEO is the loneliest position. It makes sense. In my own experience of leading a company, I can confirm that there are challenges, decisions, and responsibilities that a company’s helm has to endure that others do not have to worry about. Usually, there is no place to turn to bounce sensitive ideas around, there are fears of making incorrect decisions, and there is a need to constantly figure out what you can share and with who. Basically, a CEO lives in a silo and has to be many things to many people. And, they should do this while appearing like they have it all under control.

Now, imagine you take a room and fill it with like-minded, siloed, MedTech CEOs to create an environment where they do not have to worry about impressing investors, corporate strategics, or industry partners, they can be surrounded by peers enduring the same journey, and they can kumbaya with one another on all of the challenges they face. The image that I described and what you likely imagined is what we created for 18 October 2023. It is an insulated, therapeutic space for MedTech CEOs to learn from and share insights with each other.

Seeing the faces of MedTech CEOs realize they are not as alone in this challenge of building companies as they thought they were is our goal. Enabling MedTech CEOs to find helpful friends is priceless.”

A Haven for Open Dialogue

MedTech CEOs often grapple with a unique set of challenges, ranging from regulatory compliance to technological advancements. The CEO Forum provides a haven for these leaders to address these challenges openly and honestly. By doing so, it fosters a supportive environment where participants can tap into the collective wisdom of their peers. The absence of external pressures allows for genuine conversations that can lead to innovative solutions and growth opportunities.

Mutual Support and Collective Growth

Central to the CEO Forum’s mission is the promotion of mutual support and collective growth among attending CEOs. By bringing together an array of leaders from diverse MedTech startups, the event creates an enriching environment where ideas, experiences, and strategies converge. Participants will have the unique chance to learn from one another’s successes and setbacks, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive their companies forward.

Exploring the Pinnacle of Leadership

The CEO Forum’s discussions will center on the demanding aspects of MedTech leadership that only CEOs encounter. From navigating uncharted territories to steering through market turbulence, participants will delve into a spectrum of topics crucial to their roles. The insights shared will equip CEOs with a comprehensive toolkit to address challenges head-on and lead their companies with renewed confidence.

Empowering MedTech Innovation

As the CEO Forum draws to a close, the impact it leaves will be palpable in the MedTech landscape. Participants, armed with fresh perspectives and a network of supportive peers, are poised to usher in a new era of innovation. The invaluable experiences shared and lessons learned will reverberate across the MedTech industry, influencing decision-making, operational efficiency, and overall growth.

Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO at Med-Tech World Summit

Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO of the Med-Tech World Summit, expresses the profound significance of this event: “The CEO Forum stands as a pivotal juncture for MedTech leaders worldwide. It converges the brilliance of visionary minds, fostering an environment of unfettered exchange. Here, CEOs transcend challenges, share insights, and collectively sculpt the future of healthcare. It’s an extraordinary nexus, amplifying innovation and forging alliances that will shape our industry’s trajectory, pushing boundaries and revolutionizing patient care. The magnitude of this event is truly awe-inspiring, and I’m thrilled to witness the transformative impact it will have on MedTech and beyond.”

Join us! 

Apply now by clicking this link and be a part of the first CEO Forum on October 18th, a day before our Malta Med-Tech World Summit.