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31st May 2024

MedTech World delivers London encore with Queen Mary University 

“Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within the medical field is crucial. Let doctors be encouraged to innovate and explore new ideas, rather than be drowned in paperwork and routine clinical duties.”

– Dylan Attard, CEO, MedTech World

Last Wednesday, we hosted our fourth MTW Roadshow event of the year in London, and we’re deeply grateful to the UK MedTech community for their unwavering support and collaboration. Thanks to all attendees, speakers, and Queen Mary University of London for fostering connections and strengthening our industry.

In the photos: Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO at MedTech World and Prof. Colin Bailey CBE, President and Principal at Queen Mary University of London

The great return to London

After an incredible debut in 2023, MedTech World brought the much-anticipated Roadshow back to London last Wednesday. The event featured an impressive lineup for the Pitch Competition and cutting-edge insights from leading figures in the MedTech and healthcare industries, including:

  • Dr. Avi Mehra, Associate Partner & Clinical Safety Officer at IBM,
  • Dr. Azmain Chowdhury, Clinician Creator at NHS and Co-Founder of Health Media Consultancy,
  • Dr. Wareed Alenaini, CEO and Co-Founder of Twinn Health,
  • Ian Newington, Assistant Director, Innovations at NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research),
  • Julie Adrian, Co-founder & CEO of Alverium Health,
  • Manish Chand, MD, MBA, PhD, Chief Design Officer & Chief Medical Officer at OstomyCure and Robotic Surgeon at UCL,
  • Prof. Greg Slabaugh, Professor and Director of the Digital Environment Research Institute (DERI) at Queen Mary University of London,
  • Rajesh Sivaprakasam, Lead for Surgical Education at Queen Mary University of London and Lead for Robotic Renal Failure Surgery at Barts Health NHS Trust.

Our second visit to London was an extraordinary experience for hosts, delegates, and speakers alike. It beautifully laid the groundwork for an inspirational summit and helped in forging an exceptional sense of community.

Insightful discussions allround

The roadshow conference kicked off with a warm welcome address from Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO of MedTech World. He emphasised the significance of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit within the medical field.

Dr. Attard, drawing from his own experience as a doctor, articulated the immense value of such supportive settings in advancing healthcare. He noted: 

“Supportive environments that nurture innovation and entrepreneurship are vital in advancing healthcare. As doctors, we need spaces that allow us to create and implement groundbreaking solutions, not just manage day-to-day tasks.”

Professor Colin Bailey provided insights into Queen Mary University, recounting its rich history and adaptive environment within its extensive hospital system. He emphasised the critical role of digital health, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting how it transformed Queen Mary into one of the greatest success stories in COVID patient care.

“In the COVID-19 era, digital health became a primary ingredient, catapulting Queen Mary into the limelight of patient care success. Beyond technology, our commitment to community engagement remained steadfast, with staff and students stepping up to support communities on the front lines and beyond.”

The discussion delved into the entrepreneurial research happening in hospitals, where some institutions, like Queen Mary, actively support the commercialisation of medical innovations. 

In such environments, doctors are encouraged to develop startups during their workdays, leading to investments and implementation within their own hospitals. This entrepreneurial drive is not present in every hospital, but its importance cannot be overstated.

On a different note, Dr. Azmain Chowdhury delivered an engaging presentation on the importance of using social media to share accurate healthcare information. 

Drawing from his own experience as a TikTok content creator with a substantial following, he emphasised the necessity of presenting well-researched and well-explained facts to prevent misinformation and misunderstandings. Dr. Azmain highlighted the significant impact that social media can have in educating the public when used responsibly.

Startup Pitch Winners: Lindus Health claim the laurel

Meri Beckwith, Co-Founder at Lindus Health

MedTech World demonstrates its unwavering support for startups through its dedication to fostering an inclusive environment. At the London Roadshow, participants enjoyed an exciting pitch competition, witnessing the exceptional creativity and ingenuity of healthcare startups as they competed for recognition on stage.

After a thrilling competition, Lindus Health emerged victorious, securing the coveted trophy! As a reward, Lindus Health was granted a complimentary pass to MedTech Malta, hosted by MedTech World, scheduled to take place this year in Valletta from November 6th to 8th.

Co-Founder Meri Beckwith took the stage to pitch for Lindus Health, drawing on his extensive experience as a Co-Founder, Board Member, and holder of an Oxford BS in Biological Sciences and several degrees. Beckwith’s expertise lent invaluable knowledge and insight to the presentation, highlighting the company’s innovative approach.

Lindus Health presented a distinctive strategy focused on expediting and enhancing clinical trials. By aligning incentives and integrating a premier clinical operations team with their advanced software platform, Lindus Health ensures faster and more reliable trials. Leveraging access to 30 million Electronic Health Records, they oversee every aspect of clinical study execution. With a proven track record, Lindus Health has successfully enrolled over 30,000 patients in diagnostic trials spanning oncology, infectious disease, respiratory, and women’s health across the US, UK, and Europe.

A big shout-out goes to the remaining pitchers for their outstanding effort and enthusiasm on stage:

  • Simon Mifsud – Garland Surgical Ltd.
  • Anushka Patchava – Mindstep
  • Conrad Bessant – Mebomine
  • Mark Aichroth – Nilocas Ltd
  • Alo Brake – Ostomysecure AS

At MedTech World, we deeply understand the transformative impact startups have, not only within healthcare but across all sectors they engage in. Through our own journey in the startup realm, we’ve encountered and overcome challenges, driving our commitment to providing unwavering assistance to every emerging business.

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