Adrian Niculescu is the CMO EMEA of CloudCoin Consortium, a digital currency you can store offline in a PNG or TXT file. He has many competences, whether technical skills (Blockchain, Blockchain Development, Solidity, Decentralised Finance – Defi, Smart Contracts etc..), people skills (managing medium & large teams in-person, and remote wfh organizations), marketing skills (marketing strategies, product & startup launch strategies) or copywriting skills (sales pages, e-mails, funnels, Facebook Ads & Ads on other platforms). With his skills, Adrian has been teaching marketing and business courses since 2013 to over 10 000 students. His 20 years of business experience in building and developing companies have allowed him to mentor about 30 startups since 2014. He has also attended over 500 concerts, conferences, consultations, coaching, mentoring on all continents since 2010.