Afzal Kamal

Mr.Afzal Kamal comes from interesting academic background of  Management in healthcare Administration and journalism which has helped him to synergise and galvanize the Indian healthcare media and industry in his humble professional capacity.

While working in Middle East before venturing into healthcare, he developed a sound understanding of healthcare facilities & systems which finally led him to venture in healthcare in India. He chose media as the best option available to effect and spearhead a change in healthcare. In 2009 he launched a Health magazine i.e. Medgate Today. Since 2009, he has been relentlessly pursuing his Integrated Global Healthcare Mission (IGHM) by bringing all stakeholders of healthcare together. He enjoys good relations with policy makers , different industry associations, healthcare vendors, new economy start ups, and last but not the least health ministry. Recently he organized the first ever quality summit in India which was well represented by Quality Council of India, Policy Makers , Thought Leaders from health and pharma industries. Currently he has aligned himself with Ayushman Bharat Mission , Government of India’s biggest drive to ensure health security to half of Indian population. This is a project which global healthcare experts are keenly looking forward to due to it’s medico-social-economic narrative and implications.

While furthering his Integrated Global Healthcare Mission ( IGHM) , he is also developing an understanding global healthcare ecosystem wherein he wishes to facilitate Government to Government Contact as well as healthcare companies looking forward to joint collaborations to leverage their cost economies to offer affordable , most advanced and quality healthcare solutions to global medical fraternity.

An ardent believer of global healthcare for affordable care, he has been instrumental in promoting global products, thoughts, processes and management practices to ensure better and affordable health for global citizen struggling with various priorities in their lives.

Travelling across the globe has been quite revealing and enriching experience for him.

Visiting  various countries are an important milestone in his pursuit of Integrated Global Healthcare Mission (IGHM).