Dexter Hadley, MD, PhD

Dexter Hadley, MD/PhD has expertise in translating big data into precision medicine and digital health. His research generates, annotates, and ultimately reasons over large multi-modal data stores to develop clinical intelligence. He earned his PhD in genomics and computational biology while at medical school at PENN, and he trained in clinical pathology while at residency at Stanford. He first became faculty at University of California San Francisco where he won various grant funding for developing deep learning methods in medicine including over $5M from NIH. His contributions have yielded well over 60 peer reviewed publications in precision medicine to develop novel interventions, identify novel biomarkers and potential therapeutics for disease. He has been giving invited lectures around the globe on leveraging the blockchain in clinical applications of AI since 2017.  Dr. Hadley is the Founding Chief of AI at UCF College of Medicine.  In his talk entitled ‘Leveraging voice technologies on the Blockchain to decentralize clinical trials matching for oncology patients’, he will explore his development of this ecosystem to support specific micro-services that span a trusted network for cancer patients that includes: 1) secure interactive forums to provide community support from authenticated patients that share data from their meta-portal, and 2) natural language processing (NLP) of clinical text matching patients to clinical trials automatically based on the accessible and complete meta-portal EHR profile, and most relevant to this conference 3) voice AI technologies to scale recruitment and marketing of micro services to community patients.  In so doing we authenticate and thus democratize an evidence-based clinical decision support to a digital community of patients, providers, and clinical trials that drives the development of useful artificial intelligence that can improve patient outcomes.