Dom Raban is the co-founder and CEO of Xploro, a digital therapeutics platform that uses augmented reality, artificial intelligence and games to reduce anxiety for young patients going to hospital. Dom established Xploro in 2016 after his daughter had recovered from cancer treatment and he realised the importance of providing patients with information about their treatment – something that was lacking in his daughter’s experience. Now the award-winning platform is in use in hospitals in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. Dom has been creating ‘stuff’ for over 40 years, from punk fanzines in the 1970s to content for emerging technology platforms now. He’s been in the digital space since the start, building his first website in 1995 and his first 3D virtual environment in 1996. He is also Chair of Corporation Pop, a digital innovation agency that specialises in a user-centred design approach to develop apps, games and software.