Dr. Javier Mendoza

Dr. Mendoza is a highly experienced medical doctor specializing in gastroenterology, with an impressive 20-year career spanning across Spain, Portugal, and The Netherlands. In 2017-2018, they obtained a Master’s degree in Digital Health from LaSalle University in Barcelona, further enhancing their expertise in the field. In 2020, they completed a Digital Transformation course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Throughout their career, they have held significant roles, such as serving as a medical advisor at Medify in 2019 and a medical consultant at Savana, an NLP company in healthcare, in 2020. Since 2019, they have been a co-director in the Healthcare area at OdiseIA, a non-profit association focusing on ethics and artificial intelligence. Dr. Mendoza has also participated in the Reach KOL Faculty Program at Reach – Thought Leadership, a non-profit organization, since 2020. Additionally, they currently serve on the advisory board and hold the position of leading metaverse doctor at Aimedis, an innovative platform (www.aimedis.io), starting from 2022. As of January 2023, Dr. Mendoza holds the esteemed position of Director of the Healthcare area in the Metaworld congress in Madrid, the first congress in Spain dedicated to the exploration of the Metaverse, Blockchain, and Web3 technologies.