Dr. Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades

Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades, MD is a Medical Doctor and executive who works with technologists, developers, medical professionals and patients to deliver digital and technical solutions to enhance the diagnosis, treatment, recovery and quality of life of patients around the globe. Jhonatan believes in the democratization and digitalization of medicine. Dr. Bringas has worked in the implementation of medical technologies in some of the top medical centers worldwide. His work related to medical implementation of technologies, digital health, and innovation has been featured in written and spoken media. Jhonatan is one of the co-Founders of Lapsi Health, Digital Health startup that is developing Digital Biomarkers for multiple usages in Medicine. Jhonatan is a certified Occupational Physician, with postgraduate education in Public Health, Business Strategy and Digital Health. Jhonatan holds a Medical Degree, re-certified in 3 continents and has held the positions of Medical Director, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Medical Communications Officer at a number of companies. He currently has appointments as faculty in Digital Health at several universities.