Dr. Teri Fisher

Dr Teri Fisher, dubbed “The Voice Doctor,” is a unique blend of award-winning TEDx and keynote performer, physician, podcaster, author, educator, and leading authority on all things voice technology. Teri, known for his laid-back, friendly, personable, and upbeat style, breaks down the complexities of voice technology to its simple parts and is your guide to navigating the world of voice. Teri is a Sport & Exercise Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He is the founder of Voice First Health, the leading podcast at the intersection of voice-first technology and healthcare. Teri is the co-author of the landmark book, “Voice Technology in Healthcare: Leveraging Voice to Enhance Patient and Provider Experiences.” A Voicebot 2020 “Top 17 Influencer in Voice”, Soundhound “Top 40 Voice AI Influencer”, host of the Project Voice 2020 “Flash Briefing of the Year”, finalist for the 2020 “Voice AI/Commentator of the Year” and 2019 “Commentator of the Year”, Alexa Champion, and Bixby Premier Developer, Teri is a leader in voice technology around the globe.