Fridda Flensted-Jensen

Fridda Flensted-Jensen, founder of Bubly Training. Bubly Training is a health tech company providing access to the world’s best personal trainers at affordable prices. The vision is to take exceptional individualized help from the luxury of the few to a health opportunity for the many.
With an MSc in learning and change management and a leadership education from the Kaospilots, she has more than 15 years of experience working with innovation and design thinking.
As acting chief of Innovation, City of Copenhagen,  she designed a new concept for public innovation and a citizen-centric focus on cross-sector solutions and public services.
Her passion for health tech started with her struggle with exercise. As a full-time working mom, lack of time, motivation and knowledge were obstacles to leading an active lifestyle. It wasn’t until she got a personal trainer that she truly understood the harmful impact of lack of exercise on her overall wellbeing: physics, self-confidence, diet, sleep, tiredness levels and mental alertness. The transformation for her was astonishing. But she experienced a too expensive service not designed from the customer perspective with uneducated trainers, inconvenient timing and not available for non-fitness types.