Giovanni Lauricella Managing Partner

The MedTech industry and community is special. It is a choice and a calling to contribute to hardware and software innovation that augments healthcare. We are different from high-tech and biopharma, and for all of those committed to the MedTech industry, our differences are obvious. This is why community is imperative and drives the reasoning for us to stick together and help each other grow.
It takes a village to build and commercialize medical technology – from the innovators, themselves, to the teams, investors, hospital systems, clinicians, service providers, corporate strategics, patients, and more. Creating support systems and networking opportunities where we can bring the villagers together to help push innovation forward is what we strive to achieve with MedTech Malta.
Our focus is assembling an innovation ecosystem that brings together the key stakeholders on this beautiful island of Malta with the goal of sparking relationships, connections, and partnerships. I look forward to seeing you in Malta and helping you get where you would like to go.