Harry P. Pappas

Pappas is a successful, High Tech., Serial entrepreneur with a strong focus on the health technology sector. He is a strong believer in applying technology to transform the health and wellness community in today’s “Continuum of care”, from the hospital, to the primary care giver, and to the patient’s Smart Home. Pappas believes that the world of digital health is being driven by the adoption of technology and therefore the need for Quality, ON-GOING education.  

Harry is a global, thought leader and has been a tech geek since the age of 12. He is a speaker at many Health and Wellness conferences and trade shows around the world.   

He and his team are the producers of the award winning “Intelligent Health Pavilion ™ ” a technology centric, DIGITAL HOSPITAL,  that you may have visited at any number of  trade shows around the world, including at HIMSS over the last TEN years. 

Pappas is the Founder & CEO of the Intelligent Health Association, a global, Social Purpose, educational, technology centric organization dedicated to helping educate members of the Healthcare community on the adoption of new technologies, new software, smart drugs, apply digital therapeutics and APPS that can improve patient care, patient outcomes, and patient safety, while driving down the cost of Healthcare. 

Harry is also the creator of the ( i-HOME ™), an “In Context”, Smart Home concept that demonstrates, a plethora of health and wellness technologies placed in a Digital Smart Home setting. The i-HOME represents today’s Health and wellness SMART Home.  Harry was developing the concept of the “Smart Home” utilizing Steve Jobs, original Apple “NEWTON” PDA device many, many years ago.   

He is clearly an “out of the box thinker” and a long-term strategic player in the world of health technologies for the Digital hospital and for today’s Health and Wellness Smart Home.  

Harry is unique in that he has “hands-on” experience with a wide variety of technology and software development projects as they relate to the health and wellness community. He has been ahead of the technology curve most of his life and was developing data driven, e-commerce web sites back in 1994.  

Harry is also an internationally recognized conference and events organizer and a thought leader with auto-ID, BLE, NFC, RFID, RTLS, Sensors, Voice, Robotics, A/R, V/R, X/R, AI, and Blockchain technologies. He has been presenting educational programs around the world since 2001. 

Harry’s Goal: To help educate the healthcare community on the benefits of adopting new technologies which will in turn have a dramatic impact on the delivery of improved health and patient engagement.  

Mantra: “Help Others”, Do “SOCIAL GOOD”