Hon. Dr. Jo-Etienne Abela, Minister for Active Ageing & Malta Medicines Authority

Medical devices and technology are the future of healthcare. I have been at the forefront of this in my surgical career both in Malta and beyond. Cutting-edge technology allowed us to do now what we thought would be impossible before. An ageing population also needs better care, more frequent monitoring, and adequate companionship and technology can bridge the gap that exists in human resources. Through the Malta Medicines Authority, we want to make sure that medical devices and software being introduced in the market are robust, clinically safe and do their intended purpose. We are taking the necessary steps for the Malta Medicines Authority to establish itself as European Competent Authority, excelling in the evaluation and approval of devices. We want Med-Tech World and its side-events to showcase not only innovation but also the strides in device regulation that will ensure that products entering the market make a difference in our lives without causing harm.