Hosna Salmani

Hosna Salmani is a PhD student in Health Information Management at Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran and hold a MSc degree in Health Information Technology, act as a Teaching and Research Assistant and has relevant experiences in Healthcare IT, Health Information Management, Mobile Health, Patient-centered care, Internet of Things, Research and Development, and is one of the resource persons at the University and Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

She has been a keynote speaker at various international Conferences including the Australian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) and the International Conference in Smart Technologies in Data Sciences and Communication.
As well She has authored books in the fields of Digital Health on Amazon and in addition, She has been a reviewer for Springer Nature, Frontiers in Medicine and Taylor & Francis journals. She is also a Research Topic Coordinator for Frontiers in Digital Health and Review Editor for Frontiers in Medicine.

Hosna is a recipient of several awards from various centres including the National Elites Foundation, and Gifted and Talented Student Centre, Tehran, Iran and was chosen as a winner of YTH (YOUTH + TECH + HEALTH) Live Global 2021 Scholarship Contest, sponsored by UNESCO between young professionals from all over the world and also recently was chosen as a reviewer at HIMSS23, Global Health Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, USA.