Jon Stine

Welcome to Med-Tech World 2022, and historic and beautiful Malta. This great event is about connecting to the future of health care. It’s also about connecting with each other – to learn from industry leaders, to exchange ideas, to make new friends and colleagues. It’s also about connecting to the future of ever-more efficient workflows, ever-more precise diagnostic data, ever-more improved patient outcomes.   It’s about connecting to ways to meet the challenge of rising demands.  It’s about connecting with what’s possible today and what is being planned for tomorrow. Along with our partners at the Intelligent Health Association, we of the Open Voice Network are very excited to meet and learn with you over the next several days.   

Please join us for our special conference workshop (Voice and Healthcare, Thursday, 17,2022 to explore how the new technologies of conversational artificial intelligence will improve workflow efficiencies and patient outcomes in multiple healthcare environments.