In the early days of the pandemic, Michel co-founded GobiX to help produce 3D-printed nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID-19 testing for the Swiss Armed Forces. In 2021 he cofounded Testasy, a startup that pivoted from at-home COVID-19 testing to male fertility and laboratory data visualisation.Michel is a postdoctoral researcher on COVID-19 at the University of Zurich a prospective Harvard Public Health graduate. He is a commissioned Chief Medical Officer for the NATO in the Balkans, and regular keynote speaker on AI in medicine.

Michel is a co-organiser of a Zurich-based “Hack4Healthcare” Hackathon which explores various applications of technology in healthcare to solve real-life challenges in developing countries. The first Hackathon’s problem statements were provided by Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross, with devices currently being developed alongside Hackathon winners. Michel has also co-founded Friends of Ukraine, which is currently Switzerland’s largest volunteer organisation for Ukraine relief. Having delivered nearly 150 ton of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, FoU also launched a telemedical platform for people in the war zone cut off from access to medical counsel. Today, FoU chairs a coalition comprised on major Swiss hospitals, medtech companies and universities which together aim to bring Swiss know-how to revamp the Ukrainian healthcare system after the war.