Peter Paul Farrugia

Peter Paul is the Managing Director of A2W Pharma Ltd, a Pharmaceutical company based in Malta, and is a subsidiary  ABA Chem Corporation which also owns Amino Chemicals Ltd, an Established Pharmaceutical company established in Malta in 1992. During his 24 year career, he has occupied various roles, specialising Supply Chain and Operations, with a particular focus on the international pharmaceutical sector. His experience in end to end project management, working for international regulated markets, gives Peter a holistic approach and knowledge of respective challenges that can arise in various aspects of pharmaceutical product development and launch.

For the past 3 years, Peter Paul has dedicated himself to the development of cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products and in April 2022 he, along with key stakeholders, inaugurated the A2W facility which will receive its eu-GMP in Q1 2023. To help bring his vision of improving patient access to potential new therapies to life, he has engaged with industry leaders at both early and late stage development, clinical and regulatory, as well as commercialisation experts to ensure the optimal technology and techniques will be used for product development and to ensure manufacturing is carried out within ethical and regulatory protocols.