During his carrier, Prof Predrag Stevanovic showed a special talent to chose from an abundance of the latest scientific achievements and knowledge which appear on daily basis in the medical science, the appropriate method to be developed in practice .
This approach of Prof Predrag Stevanovic is highly approved and applied in his Clinic of anaesthesia .
Furthermore he shared his work and knowledge with his young colleagues , which is a standard and routine in all highly developed countries.
In addition to developing anaesthesiology , Prof Predrag Stevanovic has developed , at the same time, two related , but now independent medical fields – Intensive care and pain management.
Leading the work of his team, as a professional and intellectual leader of a group of over 30 anesthesiologists-intensivists, he has been treating the most difficult, critically ill Covid-19 patients in the red zone of Clinical Hospital Center “ Dr Dragiša Mišović-Dedinje” in Belgrade (Serbia) since the beginning of the pandemic.