Anthony Serracino Inglott is a Professor at the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Malta. Professor Serracino Inglott studied Pharmacy at the University of Malta and is a registered pharmacist. He continued his postgraduate studies at the University of Cincinnati where he obtained a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy and completed a residency at the University of Cincinnati Medical Centre. Serracino Inglott published over one hundred scientific papers and delivered a number of presentations at international conferences related to the pharmaceutical and regulatory sciences. Serracino Inglott’s consultancy experience includes being a court expert in toxicology and forensic sciences, advisory roles to Ministries and government entities, as well as Qualified Person for the pharmaceutical industry. He is Chairman of the Malta Laboratories Network and member within the Ethics Committee, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and the board of governors of the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority. Since 2013, Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott is the Chairperson of the Malta Medicines Authority.