Ruthy leads Microsoft’s Health Industry business across Central & Eastern Europe. Ruthy has been with Microsoft for over 7 years, she has been Microsoft’s Chief Startups Lead and Software Partners Tech Lead, in Central & Eastern Europe, and prior to that, served as the Vice President for Startups and Developer Relations at Microsoft Israel.
Ruthy Kaidar is an executive with over 20 years of experience in the medical devices, digital health, telecommunications, and venture capital industries. As a Computer Science Engineer, she worked in Software and Firmware engineering in the Telecomm industry at Geotek and Qualcomm. She then followed her passion for Healthcare and turned to Brain Research, pursuing a Master’s degree in Biomedical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, focusing on Brain Computer Interface – using brain signals to operate robots. Ruthy held key positions in R&D, Project and Product Management, as well as Business Development, in Medical Device companies, among them Medingo, which she joined with founding until acquisition by Roche. She founded and led several Internet and Digital Health startups, was a strategic and business consultant to HealthTech and Services companies, and was an Entrepreneur In Residence at Carmel Ventures, focusing on Digital Health investment opportunities. Ruthy is a business and tech mentor to entrepreneurs and a co-founder of “Yazamiyot” – promoting women tech entrepreneurship.
Ruthy holds a BSc in Computer Science, MSc in Engineering and Brain Research, and MBA, all cum laude, from the Technion. Ruthy is married and mother to three children, is a hiking, running, and yoga enthusiast and loves traveling the world with her family.