For over 30 years Dr. Stan Shepherd has practice family medicine in a lowsocio-economic, high demand, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, inner-city practicein the East End of London with 13,000 patients from all around the world. Stan leverages digital technology to advance treatment and access to care forthe families he serves.
Stan is also the CEO and founder of Instant Access Medical Limited providingevidence-based electronic personal care pathways to be shared by cliniciansand patients. Instant Access Medical is the exclusive National Children’s OralHealth Foundation Global Partner for electronic health records.
Additionally, he is CEO and co-founder of Health One Global Limited, aninternational healthcare software company with users in Ireland, Belgium,France, Switzerland, and South Africa. Since 2003 Health One Global hasbeen the exclusive Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Global Partner forelectronic health records and provides and manages the Internet basedHealthy Athletes Software used by Special Olympics at 900 events annually world-wide to record Healthy Athletes screening data in a single global database, now the world’s largest, richest and most comprehensivedatabase on the health parameters of people with intellectual