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1st March 2024

Breaking boundaries: 5-HT and MedTech World form partnership ahead of Berlin Roadshow

“We are delighted to witness the collaborative spirit between 5-HT and MedTech World, as it embodies the very essence of the Digital Hub Initiative.”- Claudia Behrendt, Hub Agency Lead, Digital Hub Initiative

5-HT Chemistry & Health, a renowned innovation partner in the Health, Pharma & Chemistry sectors, has recently established a strategic partnership with MedTech World. This collaboration promises to elevate the quality and enhance the overall experience of MedTech World’s upcoming roadshow in Berlin this April, setting a new standard for industry engagement and innovation.

Change made easier through collaboration

The partnership is driven by a shared vision to catalyse innovation within the healthtech industry. Inspired by the profound impact observed during their flagship summit in Malta last October, 5-HT acknowledges MedTech World’s adeptness in bringing together global leaders united in their mission to transform the healthtech landscape. This partnership seeks to leverage MedTech World’s expertise and reach, harnessing its ability to unite diverse stakeholders and drive meaningful change within the industry.

By providing a platform for MedTech World within the German health ecosystem—especially in Berlin, renowned as an entrepreneurial hub—both entities strive to showcase the potential of collaborative ecosystems for future investments. Together, they aim to leverage the power of collaboration to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, ultimately shaping a brighter future for the healthtech industry.

Claudia Behrendt, the Hub Agency Lead at the Digital Hub Initiative, initiated the discussion on the partnership with the following statement: “This partnership exemplifies our commitment to fostering synergistic relationships within the health technology sector, driving innovation, and shaping the future of digital healthcare.”

“Our aim is to connect, and hence bring innovation forward. We see the value that MedTech World brings to the healthtech industry,” commented Lisa Tschalenko, Senior Ecosystem Manager and Partner Relations at 5-HT. “Therefore, we want to give a platform to MedTech World to also connect with the German health ecosystem. Berlin is the perfect hotspot for this purpose.”

Tschalenko underscored 5-HT’s commitment to a collaborative approach aimed at understanding the needs of industry partners. 

“The chemical and pharmaceutical industries are rather conservative industries, and we can’t change the rhythm in one night,” she commented further, noting the inherent conservatism within the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors while acknowledging the challenges that arise with any attempt to conduct any form of meaningful change.

“However, with our diverse range of academic backgrounds and decades of experience in the innovation space, my colleagues and I are dedicated to advancing digitalisation and innovation.”

Spotlighting the critical need for collaboration, she lauded MedTech World’s significant impact in this endeavour: “We acknowledge that no single organisation can address all the intricate challenges we confront in isolation. Hence, we champion an ecosystemic approach, uniting like-minded individuals who share our vision. This collaborative endeavour lies at the heart of our team’s mission and that of the entire Digital Hub Initiative, propelling our collective progress forward. Through this approach, together with the Digital Hub Initiative, we can support the roadshow and bring it to Berlin”

Commenting on this partnership, Dylan Attard CEO of MedTech World commented “We’re thrilled to announce this partnership. Together with 5-HT, we’re poised to unlock new frontiers of collaboration, paving the way for transformative advancements in health technology.” 

“Our shared vision of fostering connections and driving innovation aligns seamlessly with 5-HT’s mission, and we’re excited to leverage their expertise to propel the industry forward.”

“This partnership underscores our dedication to providing the medtech community with unparalleled opportunities to thrive and innovate, ensuring a brighter future for healthcare worldwide.”

On April 8th, 2024, the stage will be set for the MedTech World Roadshow in Berlin. Held at the RCKT Office located at Lützowstraße 106, 10785 Berlin, the event promises an evening of cutting-edge discussions and networking opportunities. Registration opens at 6:00 PM, with the program commencing promptly at 6:30 PM, extending until 11:00 PM. 

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About 5-HT Chemistry & Health

5-HT Chemistry & Health stands as a beacon of innovation within the Health, Pharma & Chemistry sectors, serving as a premier partner for industry giants worldwide. With its expansive global ecosystem, 5-HT empowers major players to achieve their digital innovation and sustainability objectives through meticulous startup and technology scouting.

Part of the Digital Hub Initiative initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, 5-HT Chemistry & Health is committed to accelerating digital innovation in Germany. Central to its objectives is the provision of a collaborative platform for startups, scientific institutions, and established companies, facilitating networking, exchange, and cooperation to cultivate robust digital ecosystems.

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