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The Med-Tech Europe Awards will be held on the second night of our Malta Med-Tech World Summit. Alongside premier networking opportunities, the gala event brings together luminaries in the industry for an evening of recognition and celebration of achievement, attracting a guest list of over 300 esteemed individuals.

Aside from shining a spotlight on some of the most intriguing and impactful companies to change how we do healthcare, our Med-Tech Awards Ceremony will also feature an art auction, with all proceeds diverted to the SiGMA Foundation.


Give recognition where it’s due by nominating someone whose work has created a positive impact on the gaming industry.

Health App of the Year
We do our banking, shopping and gaming on our phone. Lately, we have also started to do health on our phone - from cycle tracking to
monitoring our heart rate or dealing with tinnitus, there's an app for it. Using this award, we want to celebrate the best of this year's health app and hope to inspire developers out there to give it their best shot
Health Tech Innovation of the Year
Tech & Health seem to go a lot together these days. Innovation is only pushing the limits of healthcare. Through this award we highlight the innovators who are changing how we practice healthcare.
Mental Health Tech Product of the Year
The mental health pandemic has been long coming since before COVID which unfortunately has made the situation worse. Most countries are finding it hard to grapple with the magnitude of the problem but a number of different start-ups have found innovative ways to tackle these mental health issues. This award shines the spotlight on some game changers in the space.
Digital Pharma Product of the Year
Pharma has always played an essential role in healthcare. Most today are realising that the future is digital. We want to celebrate those that are opening doors and encouraging innovation within the pharmacological world.
Health Tech Start-up of the Year
It takes a team to lead a start-up from gound zero to success and this is who we shall be honouring through his award.
Health Tech Leader of the Year
A lot of people are trying to change the way we do healthcare. Some however, go above and beyond to make this a reality. This award aims to recognise and share the work of these people making a real difference.
Health Wearable of the Year
Wearables started as a fancy way of telling time. Today though loads of information can be extracted from wearables which streamlines and improves care but also inches us closer to the holy grail of preventative medicine. We want to celebrate those who are making all this possible by collecting data from incredible devices whilst making it as secure as possible.
Health Tech Media Coverage of the Year
What's the use of research and innovation if no one's reporting them to the public? A lot of different media houses dedicated to digital health reporting do a wonderful job of making sure that word reaches all corners of the world making sure that each and every one of us knows about the latest and greatest. This in turns enables investors, researchers and innovators to connect and collaborate whilst pushing towards the improvement of healthcare.
Health Education using Tech of the Year
Medical school, post-graduate training and patient education have started undergoing digital transformation and this promises to make better clinicians and patients more compliant with treatment as they understand their disease. Some companies have used AI, virtual reality and augmented reality to create incredible products targeted at medical education. This award celebrates these achievements
Rising Star of the Year Award
Industries are made by individuals who become leaders. We want to recognise those that have already achieved greatness and have the greatest potential to become industry leaders in the future.
Excellence in Pharmaceutical Products Supply Chain, Logistics & Distribution Award
Pharmaceuticals are more than just R&D. There is an incredible amount of work that goes into manufacturing the product and perhaps even more in getting them to your doorstep. As a result, we want to honor those companies that take make this monstrous task look so easy.
Medical & Sugical Supplier of the Year Award
Suppliers are an essential part of the medical workflow. Without them healthcare would simply not function. We want to celebrate those that go that little extra to make sure that the quality of their product is that much better for both providers and patients.
Best importation & distribution of premium Healthcare Products Award
As an island we rely on the importation and distribution of healthcare products. We want to celebrate the company that stood out from the pack thanks to their efficient and effective supply chain
Best Laborary & Scientific Equipment Supplier of the Year
Healthcare is reliant on scientific an lab equipment which is essential part of the medical workflow and patient care. Without them healthcare would not function.
The Lifetime Achievement Award for 2022
This award seeks to honour those who have given their life to the healthcare system and have done their best to produce a better service for patients as well as a better place to work for those who will follow them.
MedCann Excellence Award for 2022
We want to celebrate the companies that have gone above and beyond, pushing the boundaries of Medical Cannabis for 2022 and have thus achieved excellence for the year!
Best Medical Cannabis Business Consultancy Services for 2022
Ever growing demand for medical cannabis means that a new system flourishes with this. From R&D, manufacturing, marketing to supply chains and regulators. As a result we want to celebrate those expert companies that give stellar advice to up and coming companies, governments and other organisations.
Most Innovative MedCann Company of the Year.
In an industry that is still in its relative infancy innovation keeps on pushing the limit of what we thought to achieve. Whilst it may seem easier to be innovative in an industry where the story is still unwritten, its challenging finding the appropriate funding and individuals who share the same ideas.
Best Medical Contribution in the Medical Cannabis Field.
Research is only part of the game of medical cannabis. We are always quite impressed by the medical applications of medical cannabis. We want to celebrate an outstanding contribution to the medical cannabis field in 2022.
Best Contribution to Medical Cannabis in the Asian Market for 2022.
The asian market is flourishing and there are companies that stand out in leading the advancement of medical cannabis. We want to make sure that these efforts are recognized as they push the boundaries of innovation.


You can see all the judges here. They have been meticulously chosen from a crowd of experts, industry veterans, and business leaders from the sector! Want to get involved as one on the judges? Kindly contact [email protected]

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Jessica Walker
Fluid Finance

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