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startup pitch 2024

The MedTech Malta Start-Up Pitch is a platform for medical technology startups to showcase their innovative products, services, and solutions to a panel of judges and potential investors. This shall provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain exposure, receive feedback, and secure funding for their ventures. The event attracts a diverse audience of industry experts, healthcare professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the world. The competition is highly competitive, and the judges evaluate each pitch based on its novelty, feasibility, market potential, and overall impact on healthcare. Top performers receive recognition, networking opportunities, and valuable support to advance their business.

Get in the chance to win:

monetary package

recruitment package

media exposure

previous winners


Retia Medical

As the acclaimed 2023 pitch competition winners, Retia Medical is redefining patient monitoring with its pioneering algorithms and equipment tailored for high-risk surgical and critical care patients. The Argos Cardiac Output Monitor, renowned for its precise Multi-Beat Analysis™, offers streamlined operation, rapid deployment, and a user-friendly interface, all while eliminating the need for expensive disposables. This innovation holds the promise of improved care for an estimated 20 million patients in surgical intensive care units globally. Rooted in White Plains, NY, Retia’s cutting-edge technology emerges from extensive research and development at Michigan State University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with its efficacy confirmed through comprehensive animal and human trials. Endorsed by a distinguished advisory board of industry and clinical leaders, Retia achieved FDA 510(k) clearance and introduced this breakthrough product in December 2018, setting a new standard in the management and support of critically ill patients.

Marc Zemel



Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH, the 2022 pitch competition winner, is at the forefront of digital health innovation in Hannover, Germany. Their groundbreaking approach integrates cutting-edge medical technology with advanced information systems to revolutionise glaucoma care. Their transformative solutions are designed to enhance therapy efficiency and improve outcomes for glaucoma patients and their loved ones, addressing the critical needs in a historically underserved sector.

Max G. Ostermeier

the investors
MedTech Malta is a nexus for a prestigious portfolio of investors converging from all corners of the world, collectively managing assets surpassing 1 billion dollars. These esteemed financial catalysts come from varied industries and backgrounds, united by their passion for advancing healthcare technology. Their presence not only signifies the global reach and influence of our event but also highlights the substantial capital ready to be deployed into innovative MedTech ventures. It’s a testament to the global community’s commitment to driving progress and shaping the future of healthcare at our distinguished summit.



start-up pass holders will have access to the following
A 1x1m booth including cost of printing and furniture
The top 10 start-ups get to pitch on stage and in the chance to be crowned winners.
Free consultancy and potential leads from leading industry veterans.
Access to all premium networking events during Med-Tech World Summit
Med-Tech World PR – magazines, website, email newsletters, interviews.
Our team will personally connect you to potential customers and/or investors.
start up village


Please visit our start-up pitching page where you can submit your application once they open. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the organizers, and selected startups will be invited to pitch.
Participating in the pitch competition offers several benefits, including exposure to potential investors, networking opportunities with industry professionals, feedback on your business idea or pitch presentation, validation of your startup concept, and potential prizes or funding for winners..
In the MedTech World pitch competition, each startup is allocated a total presentation time of 4 minutes, followed by a 4-minute question-and-answer session with the judges.
The startup pitch is on Friday, 8th of November, at 3pm.

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