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28th February 2024

The sun sets on success: Dubai Roadshow round-up

The final grains of sand slip through the hourglass, the last pulse of ingenuity reverberates through the dunes – it’s a wrap! As the sun sets on the MedTech World Dubai Roadshow, held at Intercontinental Hotel Festival City, Dubai, we bid adieu to a cross-pollination of pioneers and visionaries with a look back at the highlights.

Welcome Address

The event was held at the Al Baraha Ballroom, Intercontinental Hotel Festival City, where attendees were greeted by the warming sun and fresh coffee. Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO & Co-founder of MedTech World, captivated the audience with his Welcome Address, setting the stage for the day.

Dylan underscored the significance of the event as a cornerstone for entrepreneurs and startups in the GCC region. 

“At the heart of all this is the merging of innovation, networking, and growth. We have today a genuinely unique opportunity to engage with the ecosystem, gain invaluable insights, and ignite the spark of several groundbreaking ideas.”

Dylan captured the essential source of the event’s value, highlighting the fundamental role of the United Arab Emirates. Beyond its picturesque landscapes, the UAE serves as a beacon for innovation in the healthcare sector. It’s not just about capturing cliché images in the sand—it’s about harnessing the limitless potential of this vibrant landscape to drive transformative change and innovation in healthcare.

The UAEs has for a long time been aiming to become a top spot for MedTech worldwide. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are leading this effort. They’re investing in modern healthcare buildings, research centres, and regulation that help healthcare grow. 

“The UAE’s healthcare sector is a magnet for investment, drawing in global investors from around the globe,” said Dylan. 

“So welcome back to this vibrant city for the third time! We’re not just passing through; we’re here to stay,” Dylan concluded.


Immediately following the warm welcome, the conference kicked off at full throttle, diving into a packed 5-hour agenda of masterfully curated content.

Notable Keynotes

Dr. Khulood Alsayegh, a distinguished leader in healthcare innovation, delivered an extraordinary opening keynote on behalf of the Dubai Health Authority. With expertise spanning Europe to the UAE, Dr. Alsayegh is shaping the future of healthcare standards.

“It was a pleasure taking part in MedTech World to shine the light on Dubai’s Digital strategy and the way forward for innovators and investors,” she commented about her participation in the event.

Another enlightening keynote was presented by Laurence Blazianu, Chief Business Officer at Preci-Health. Attendees were shown how Preci-Health, a Swiss MedTech pioneer, is revolutionising mass population blood screenings with disruptive technology. 

Participants got to learn about their groundbreaking AI-based companion application, setting new standards in authentication and verification for healthcare systems and insurance purposes.

Gripping Panels

AI and big data have for a long while been the fuel igniting innovation across industries—from finance to healthcare—shaping a smarter, more connected world.

A riveting exploration of AI and Big Data took place, helmed by moderator Rachel McArthur and joined by esteemed panellists Philippe Gerwill, Alex Diaconu, Shaukat Ali Khan, Dr. Hemachandran K, and Dr. Sven Jansen. Together, they delved into the transformative power of AI and Big Data, revolutionising not just the industry, but the very fabric of our future. 

Commenting after the show, Alex Diaconu further shared his thoughts: “Both AI and Big Data are going to transform healthcare. I envision a deep change of paradigm though, once we, as individuals, will be empowered with our health data and we will be able to carry out preventative care using very personalised AI co-pilots.”

In another captivating panel session, the art of investing in healthcare, technology, and M&A took centre stage. The discussion was skillfully moderated by the esteemed Shantanu Mukherjee, a seasoned corporate attorney with over 22 years of international experience. 

Joining him were Vikash Sharma, Dr. Anand Govindaluri, Josep Ll. Sanfeliu, and Shafaat Hashmi, each offering unique insights to the discussion.

Startup Pitch

As a startup itself, MedTech World intimately understands the hurdles entrepreneurs face. With unwavering commitment, we embrace our mantra: every startup deserves its moment in the spotlight, an opportunity to be heard, to test its mettle, and to thrive—or, sometimes, to falter and rise again—on its own terms.

Amidst the excitement of the show, attendees bore witness to innovative startups unveiling their cutting-edge solutions, vying for attention and backing from potential investors and collaborators. 

The day belonged to IntelVasc Inc, crowned champions after a fiercely competitive pitch showdown. Led by Andrew Ortega-Verdaguer, CEO and Co-founder, who captured the audience and judges with a groundbreaking vascular biosensor, poised to predict cardiovascular events before they strike.

When you share the stage with formidable contenders, victory shines brighter. Hats off to all competing startups, whose exceptional efforts brought fierce competition to the forefront!

Networking Events

After indulging in a scrumptious networking lunch at Karam Al Bahr, attendees savoured an evening of fun at the Eclipse Bar within the InterContinental Dubai Festival City, capping off the day.

As connections were forged to shake up the industry, attendees revelled in the unique blend of productivity and enjoyment that only MedTech World knows how to brew.

See our Gallery of photos here:

Dubai behind us, the rest of the world ahead

If Dubai wasn’t your scene or you missed our premier 2024 event, fear not—more one-to-one opportunities are on the horizon!

Mark your calendars for the rest of the 2024 Roadshow Series:

  • Berlin – 8th April
  • Barcelona – 16th May
  • London – 29th May
  • Singapore – August

On April 8th, 2024, join us for the MedTech World Roadshow in Berlin. Stay tuned for what we have in store, including our groundbreaking partnership with renowned innovation partner 5-HT Chemistry & Health!

Get your ticket now!

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