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Help spread the word about the summit

Our Media Partners

Media partners and supporting organizations help spread the word about the summit internationally. Their reach is instrumental to ensure that the best quality crowd, c-level executives, affiliates and related delegates attend Med-Tech and network, network, network!

World Class Business Leaders Institute

World Class Business Leaders Institute is a global business education platform with offices in Grambin, Germany, and Santiago, Chile. It is headquartered at Austin in the United States. They operate in several verticals including Medical Cannabis & Digital Health.


GADGETS is Malta's leading media house on all things innovation. It offers a space to nurture creative ideas and inspire people from all walks of life about the most forward-looking concepts and projects. GADGETS is all about partnering up with creators, nurturing projects and leading the way in the world of tomorrow, the island of tomorrow.

Biotech Atelier

For a fifth consecutive year the annual European Biotech conference Biotech Atelier is on a mission of triggering innovation and business cooperation in the fields of Biotechnology, Healthcare, Life Science, Pharma and IT by bringing together important stakeholders from those sectors. Main topics for 2022 include:-Current Trends of Medicine of Today-Patients’ Empowerment and Health Outcomes -Digital Therapeutics & Digital Health - The next chapter of Personalized Medicine

University of Malta

The University of Malta is a higher education institution in Malta. It offers undergraduate bachelor's degrees, postgraduate master's degrees and postgraduate doctorates.


CoatConnect is the first Online Hub for Healthcare Professional & Educational Opportunities either online or offline i.e. Specialized Courses, Conferences, Exams, Jobs & much more!A multi-sided marketplace that gives all Healthcare Professionals the chance to either showcase their educational opportunities, from courses, to conferences, jobs and hands-on training, or easily find & apply to relevant educational or professional opportunities.

Digital Salutem

We are digital health experts on the mission to make health uncomplicated by transcending the barriers to human health.

The Journal of mHealth

News & insight on innovative and emerging health technology, technology-enabled healthcaremedical devices, and digital health services

Faces of Digital Health

Faces of Digital Health explores the speed at which healthcare systems around the world are adopting digital transformation. Specially curated discussions with carefully selected speakers challenge overtly hyped assumptions about the modern state of healthcare innovation.