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Help spread the word about the summit

Our Media Partners

Media partners and supporting organizations help spread the word about the summit internationally. Their reach is instrumental to ensure that the best quality crowd, c-level executives, affiliates and related delegates attend Med-Tech and network, network, network!

The Journal of mHealth

News & insight on innovative and emerging health technology, technology-enabled healthcaremedical devices, and digital health services

Faces of Digital Health

Faces of Digital Health explores the speed at which healthcare systems around the world are adopting digital transformation. Specially curated discussions with carefully selected speakers challenge overtly hyped assumptions about the modern state of healthcare innovation.

Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses

The Maltese Association of Psychiatric Nurses (MAPN) is a registered VO, independently regulated by its own statute and its own elected council. It was founded on the 11th of May 2006 to improve and recognize the roles & standards of Psychiatric Nursing in Malta, with the aim to empower, educate and strengthen the role of the nurse in mental health and actively participate in mental health promotion among the Maltese population

Malta College of Family Doctors

The Malta College of Family Doctors is the professional body for general (medical) practitioners / family doctors in Malta. Its mission is to encourage, set and maintain the highest possible standards in the specialty of Family Medicine / General Practice in Malta. The College represents Family Medicine specialists within the Medical Specialist Accreditation Committee of Malta. General practice has been recognised as a medical specialty in Malta since its accession in the European Union in 2004.

CISW International

CISW International Company Limited is under CISW Holding Group. We provides a full range of commercial, investment, services worldwide, and all affiliated services are consolidated into one. CISW International Company Limited’s reach expands globally with worldwide commercial investment services as we have affiliates companies such as JBN Global Group, JP World Medical, Thai Herbal World, and Hemp Smart City.

CISW International pride itself as one of the service providers for international business networking for all Commerce, Business, Trade, Investment, Real Estate, Medical Wellness, and other services. We are committed to helping our clients meet the challenges of succeeding in the business environment of Thailand, and ASEAN countries in our global connection.