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21st June 2022

Advancing the world of health: Mayo Clinic Platform partners with BD to analyze medical device use

On June 13th, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic Platform to utilize de-identified patient data to perform detailed post-market analysis on BD’s medical device offerings in order to power healthcare innovation and forecasting unmet patient needs.

Leveraging real-world clinical data to improve post-market device surveillance and drive innovation for patient care

In the world of health, BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies contributing to improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. It supports the heroes on the frontlines of health care by developing innovative technology, solutions and services that help advance both clinical therapy for patients and clinical processes for healthcare providers.

The partnership between Mayo Clinic Platform and BD will utilize Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover which is one of the platform’s de-identified patient datasets, for analysis. Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover is one of the most robust datasets consisting of data— structured and unstructured— from 10 million patients, 1.2 billion lab test results, 3 million echocardiograms, and over 640 million clinical notes. It also contains information related to pathology and radiology reports, diagnoses, and medications.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover is devised to give AI developers access to large amounts of healthcare data to help them in building algorithms. As patients travel across the care chain, data is continuously refreshed and added to make the dataset more robust over time. The platform utilizes a multilayer, re-identification defence strategy thereby protecting patients’ privacy.

Random control trials, for years, have been considered the gold standard in evaluating the safety and efficacy of medical devices, however, according to the press release, some experts in the industry and academia are seeing added value in utilizing real-world data to measure if and how these devices are meeting patient needs. Making use of datasets like the ones from the Mayo Clinic Platform, real-world evidence could be leveraged to understand the parameters that aren’t normally captured in clinical trials and understand patients’ care pathways, needs, and experiences.

BD aims to increase efficiency for new clinical trials and to generate evidence by using the rich historical data for predictive modelling. The company also intend to apply the Mayo Clinic Platform data to support new claims for its products and streamline medical device regulatory submissions.

The vice president for product portfolio, Mayo Clinic Platform, Steven Bethke affirmed that their next-generation analytical tools and curated de-identified patient data create a dynamic, unique, privacy-protected environment for discovery.

Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover, one of the four (other three being: Mayo Clinic Platform_Gather, Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate, and Mayo Clinic Platform_Deliver) tools offered by Mayo Clinic Platform to enable new knowledge and technologies, empowers medical technology leaders such as BD to derive key insights as they develop solutions for their customers and patients as quickly and safely as possible.

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