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12th October 2021

AI accurately diagnoses skin cancer

Large scale testing of Proscia’s newest diagnostic AI to detect melanoma proved successful

The latest AI project of pathology digital solutions provider Proscia is capable of automatically detecting melanoma, studies have proven.  Automatic detection of Melanomata was an urgent matter of innovation, as high-risk cases of skin cancer have been rapidly rising in the past years. A 24/7 artificial intelligence could reduce the waiting period of patients for their diagnosis within a critical window, enabling earlier initiation of treatment, which in turn could save lives. AI might also simply be better at the job than we are. Melanomata are some of the most challenging illnesses to diagnose, and results have been notoriously dependent of the treating doctor. The technology might eliminate human errors and set up a fixed highly accurate standard. From an economic standpoint, there is no doubt that the AI will save a lot of money, mostly just by increasing the volume covered in a shorter period.
The study of Proscia’s AI was conducted at Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Florida on 1,422 sequential skin biopsies. Invasive and dormant melanomata were correctly identified with a sensitivity of 93% and a specificity of 91%.  For skin cancer overall, the accuracy stood at even 97%.
Proscia is continuing to explore AI solutions for skin care, encompassing various diseases. The company is in close collbaroations with LabPON, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the University of California, the Universal Medical Center Utrecht and Unilabs to develop AI solutions in pathology.

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