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19th October 2023

AI to reshape radiology

The MCC’s Sacra Infermaria stage has already seen some truly insightful keynotes and uniquely poised discussions by the time the panel on “The Future of Medical Imaging: AI and Beyond” took front and centre.

Moderated by Dr. Ilja Radlgruber, CEO Pantaflow Digital Business GmbH, the panel included several key industry decision-makers.

Sahir Ali a general partner at Modi Ventures, Dr Rahman CEO and consultant radiologist at Hexarad, Dr. Franz Pfister CEO at deepc and Elan Adler co-founder and CEO at Onelmaging were all eager and present.

The importance of Med-Tech World Summit

Promptly starting off, the discussions began with Dr Rahman describing how conversations such as the ones present at events packed with a wealth of industry knowledge are key to building a better understanding of how to achieve improved patient care.

Infrastructural shortcomings

AI to reshape radiology.
Dr Rahman.

Dr Rahman then shed some light on a major issue concerning the future of AI in healthcare. Essentially she explained that the capabilities of technology are too far behind in development for AI’s true potential to be seen.

She stressed that these platforms that are powered by AI are by no means anything less than valuable stating:

“We still need to these messy problems we don’t see the end results.”

Efficiency and time

Another point of discussion was the ways in which AI could actually save clinicians and physicians time.

Pfister that “AI can bring clinical value” by making numerous processes much faster and in turn relieving many of the issues attached to staff shortages.

In addition, this structure can bring even more value to patients simultaneously.

Further to this point, Adler focused on how AI is “revolutionising cost-effectiveness”.

He explained that we need to look at AI with time, what he deems “our biggest asset, something we cannot buy more of”.

He clarified that it would not be right for AI to replace radiologists, but instead, it should be used to “increase their workloads without burning them out”.

Making use of data

Sahir Ali then brought the panel’s attention to the importance of effectively using and amalgamating data effectively.

He explained how the medical industry has an issue when it comes to medical imaging, that innumerable amounts of data are being collected yet they are in many ways being underutilised.

He stressed that there needs to be an infrastructure in place in which can create models to make effective use of the imaging data and all data being collected in this field.

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