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21st June 2024

Berlin Roadshow Pitch Winners ACTIMI are pioneering digital health

“Ever since our founding, we’ve been driven by the vision of making accessible digital health a reality, to the benefit of patients and health providers alike.”

– Dr. Maximilian Weiß, CEO, ACTIMI

In Berlin, MedTech World and 5-HT Chemistry & Health highlighted the city’s healthcare innovation. The event featured a pitch competition where ACTIMI won, presenting a scalable digital health platform. Their mission is to empower startups with a head start, accelerating time to market for healthcare companies.

The Berlin Roadshow’s top startup

In Berlin, a city where history and creativity converge, MedTech World, in partnership with 5-HT Chemistry & Health, hosted a Roadshow event, fully committed to drop the spotlight on Berlin’s pioneering role in healthcare innovation. The event succeeded in bringing together top talents in digital health and biotechnology. 

The highlight of the event was an exciting pitch competition, featuring the brightest minds in healthcare. After intense competition, ACTIMI emerged as the winners!

Managing Director Dr. Maximilian Weiß presented their robust, scalable, and secure platform built on open standards. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, ACTIMI’s platform offers features typical of many digital health projects. 

Their mission is to empower startups by giving them a head start, ensuring they begin with 70% of the work already done. ACTIMI’s API-First Digital Health Platform enables healthcare companies to accelerate their time to market, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Enabling accessible digital health

Living with chronic diseases like heart failure can be incredibly challenging. Patients often struggle to manage their condition day-to-day, juggling the need for constant monitoring while worrying about their data privacy and security. 

For cardiologists, the task of providing consistent, billable telemonitoring services is no less daunting. They must navigate complex regulatory standards and ensure that all health data sources are seamlessly integrated and interoperable. This adds layers of complexity, making the process burdensome for both patients and healthcare providers.

How is ACTIMI addressing this challenging situation? In a nutshell, they’re “enabling digital health!”

More specifically, ACTIMI provides a certified telemonitoring platform designed for chronic diseases, featuring a modular patient app, wearable technology, health cloud integration, and an HL7 FHIR interface. 

Fully compliant with MDR and GDPR, it has enabled billable telemonitoring for chronic heart failure in Germany since January 2022, meeting all regulatory standards. This user-friendly, secure solution supports both cardiologists and patients, backed by extensive evidence. The platform ensures continuous patient care, with future reimbursements set to further support physicians and caregivers.

“Since our founding in 2021, we’ve relentlessly pursued our vision to make digital health technically feasible. Our goal is to ensure our platform is quickly and easily accessible to service providers and the industry.” – Dr. Maximilian Weiß, CEO.

Successes following the win

ACTIMI did not lag after their Pitch win, busying themselves and actively contributing to Germany’s healthcare landscape. They notably supported the Tele-Emergency-Unit (Tele-EMCU) project at St. Johannes Hospital in Varel. 

Their role as a technology partner has been pivotal in ensuring continuous care for emergency patients amid a growing shortage of healthcare professionals. This initiative marks a significant advancement in telemedicine, allowing for remote patient treatment, which is crucial in addressing structural challenges and workforce shortages affecting medical care nationwide.

Senior Physician and Clinic Manager, Eimo Martens, highlighted the pioneering nature of the Tele-EMCU project, emphasising its successful launch and immediate impact on patient care in Varel. “We treated our first patients telemedically yesterday, marking a milestone in emergency care sustainability,” Martens stated.

The initiative not only addresses immediate supply challenges but also aims to serve as a model for future national projects, supported by comprehensive scientific evaluation. Martens expressed gratitude to ACTIMI, led by Dr. Maximilian Weiß and Julian Charisius, for their integral role in the project’s interoperable integration. 

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