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6th October 2020

Tilly Lockey: Front liner in the Bio-Medical Industry

British teenager Tilly Lockey’s ongoing work in the Bio-Medical Industry

The biomedical world has been undergoing incredible technological advances these last 20 years, helping thousands of people and providing a new era of sustaining and curing physical disabilities. Contemporary reality has always been preceded by the science fantastical imagination of human beings, and so it is never ever surprising that we find certain real technological advances being invented mirroring fictional ones. A bionic arm up to a couple of years ago looked very different to what we see now, which is something that looks right out of a superhero movie! 
Tilly Lockey is very much aware of this and she is dedicating her life to help people, especially children, with disabilities, to move on from the discouraging consequences of their disability and push themselves forward to achieve whatever they desire no matter what.  

Part of what she’s been doing over the years is working with Open Bionics, a Bristol-based British company that develops “affordable assistive devices that enhance the human body. Amongst many other things, she’s been also testing the products herself, developing great business to customer relations to be able to make the best product with her assistance  
The design that Open Bionics and other companies are providing today are revolutionary in the sense that they are embedding these physical enabling technologies within the pop cultural sphere, making them more accessible, brightening the spotlight on them and essentially fueling future innovators to constantly work on making them better and better. In a comment on this, Tilly herself said how 

‘I was like, to be honest, I just want a wardrobe full of hands that I can match up to my outfit and how I’m feeling. That’s always been my way of looking at it, and clinics just never thought to stop and wonder that before.’ 

Tilly is now going to be part of a FYI (For Your Information), a news show for children which has been going on for three years, where apart from educating and informing children, the kids themselves get to have a platform to channel their opinions as well. 

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