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4th April 2024

Preci-Health are reshaping phlebotomy and venipuncture

“Answering high market needs with technology in healthcare is how we can empower individuals to take charge of their health journey.”

Laurence Blazianu, Chief Business Officer

What groundbreaking advancements are reshaping phlebotomy and venipuncture? How pivotal is technology in driving this innovation forward, and what does it mean when this technology is meant to be accessible and affordable but also profoundly impactful on a global scale, revolutionising healthcare as we know it?

Preci-Health is empowering individuals

The keynote delivered by Laurence Blazianu, Chief Business Officer, during the Dubai Roadshow in February delved into these topics and more. Blazianu brings a wealth of experience from both large and small pharma-medtech-Dx-I-health companies, including Roche, as well as investment banks like Cukierman&Co LifeSciences and CreditSuisse.

With over 25 years in the field, Blazianu has demonstrated expertise in fundraising, partner management, financial operations, corporate reporting, and deal closures. She commenced her career in strategic marketing, corporate analytics, and sales at Roche UK, Roche US, and Roche HQ before transitioning into the finance sector.

Disrupting traditional blood collection methods

“We’re aiming to shake up your annual routine. Instead of enduring the lab visit, needle pricks, imagine an easier and painless alternative.”

Blazianu delved into Preci-Health’s groundbreaking mission to overhaul conventional blood collection techniques during her keynote address. 

She painted a picture of the company’s forward-thinking strategy, envisioning a future where the cumbersome venipuncture process is replaced by a seamless, pain-less dermal patch experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, PreciHealth foresees a future where patients would easily collect blood samples from in laboratories, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and up to the comfort of their own homes. The technology should also answer the need for collecting blood amongst difficult to find veins patients and with the chronic need to analyse blood, the ones not suitable for standard phlebotomy or the ones fearing needles. At the same time, the solution will utimatelly save time and thus costs from the healthcare system, decentralizing the procedure.

The complete picture is made up of two integral components: a sustainable device and an intuitive companion app enhanced by real-time AI. The device, resembling a simple patch, promises simplicity, safety, and ease of use, eliminating the need for needles and allowing the collection of multiple tubes of blood needed to run panels of analytes.

“Our device is sustainable, offering a radically different patient experience with our real-time AI companion app ensuring users to test and to adopt this approach, making users acting for their healthcare.”

Technology and app integration

lazianu elaborated on the transformative impact of integrating technology, shining a spotlight on PreciHealth’s groundbreaking companion app. This versatile tool not only ensures accurate and secure patient identification through biometric facial recognition but also serves various other essential functions.

Blazianu also highlighted how the app’s step-by-step guidance not only enhances user experience, and reasuring patients during the blood collection but also ensures the accuracy of the procedure, leading to optimal results.

“One of the app’s greatest functions is acting as guiding light, providing users with clear step-by-step instructions, thus ensuring a seamless experience from initiation to completion.”

Blazianu illustrated the app’s capacity to seamlessly link with external databases. This versatility hints at its broader applicability across diverse wearable devices asking for self procedures such as inhalers, self-vaccines, etc transcending the confines of Preci-Health’s innovation.

Market traction and impact

Preci-Health is making significant strides in market traction and partnerships within the healthcare industry. Blazianu described the company’s strong support from leading global laboratories and diagnostic players, indicating a promising trajectory for their innovative technology.

“From the beginning of this specific project, we’ve garnered strong market traction. Guided by insights from a leading global diagnostic company, we are forming valuable partnerships. Today, we stand with esteemed global allies, committed to advancing and sharing our solution across laboratory settings.”

Planning to launch within 18-24 months, Preci-Health aims to bridge gaps in diagnostics by prioritising affordability and sustainability. With a focus on remote procedures and addressing the challenges of an ageing population, they align with WHO resolutions for accessible healthcare.

Their comprehensive solution has the potential to revolutionise healthcare delivery for Health Maintenance Organizations, facilitating mass population treatments, vaccinations, and blood screenings. With a strategic focus on tackling staffing shortages and harnessing the power of digital solutions, Preci-Health is similarly on the brink of revolutionising healthcare delivery as we know it.

More about Preci-Health

Preci-Health‘s overarching mission is to enhance global health by empowering individuals to self-administer medication and sample their blood securely and conveniently within the confines of their homes.

Among their major accomplishments, Preci-Health have pioneered the world’s first self-authenticating auto-injectors and blood collectors. 

The private Swiss company, established in 2017, emerged as medical partner of Preciflex, a leading enterprise renowned for its innovative engineering solutions in micromechanics, microfluidics.

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