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19th April 2024

Saying Auf Wiedersehen to Berlin: MedTech World Roadshow Highlights

“There is no better time to innovate than now.”

– Bence Török, MedTech Project Manager, Brighthills

MedTech World and 5-HT Chemistry & Health joined forces to bring the MedTech Roadshow to Berlin. The event buzzed with excitement and anticipation as industry leaders delved into the latest insights and trends shaping healthcare, digital health, and medical technology. Following enriching discussions, attendees unwound with glasses of schnapps, celebrating an evening renowned for its networking opportunities.

The freedom to innovate

In Berlin, a city where history whispers from every corner, blending grit with glamour, the evening unfolded with promise. Among mural-adorned walls and world-class museums, amidst the city’s eclectic nightlife, resonates the spirit of freedom and creativity that defines Berlin.

This same spirit of freedom finds its expression in Berlin’s pioneering role in healthcare innovation. At the forefront of medical advancements, Berlin boasts a robust ecosystem of research institutions and startups, driving breakthroughs in digital health and biotechnology.

On the same note, MedTech World has a longstanding commitment to championing the pivotal role of startups in healthcare, a commitment rooted in its own startup journey. Reflecting this dedication, we create an inclusive environment where startups thrive through our events. This ethos was on full display at our Berlin event, featuring an exciting Pitch Competition highlighting innovation in healthcare.

Bence Török, MedTech Project Manager at Brighthills, led the night’s discussion with an inspiring keynote. He emphasised the significance of equipping your MedTech team with the right tools before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey. Török illuminated the challenges in software development within the medical field, underscoring the value of tapping into existing knowledge. He concluded with a compelling message: seize the moment—there’s no better time than now to innovate.

The Roadshow was brought to life all thanks to a collaboration between Med-Tech World and 5-HT Chemistry & Health, a renowned innovation partner in the Health, Pharma & Chemistry sectors. The partnership was driven by a shared vision to catalyse innovation within the healthtech industry. 

Building on the success of their flagship summit in Malta last October, 5-HT recognised MedTech World’s remarkable ability to convene global leaders with a shared vision of revolutionising the healthtech landscape. This partnership aimed to capitalise on that expertise and influence, culminating in an insightful and engaging evening at the RCKT Office in Berlin, where diverse stakeholders united to drive significant industry change.

“The Berlin Roadshow exceeded all expectations—a whirlwind of fruitful discussions, captivating panels, and inspiring pitches,” commented Lisa Tschalenko, Senior Ecosystem Manager and Partner Relations at 5-HT. “It was heartening to witness decision-makers from corporate, health insurance, and investors unite under one roof. The collaboration between MedTech World, the Digital Hub Initiative, and 5-HT showcased the remarkable outcomes achievable when industry leaders join forces.”

Reflecting on the triumphant roadshow, Dylan Attard, CEO of MedTech World, remarked:

“This partnership with 5-HT sets a new standard for collaboration in innovation, fostering connections within the medtech community. Our Roadshow night in Berlin showcased this commitment, bringing to life a show that inspires transformative change in healthcare.”

Startup pitch winners – ACTIMI claim the gold

MedTech World’s strong spirit of solidarity extends to our fellow startups, as evidenced by our commitment to nurturing an inclusive ecosystem. Attendees at the Berlin Roadshow were treated to a riveting pitch competition, showcasing the brightest and most innovative talents in healthcare as they vied for the spotlight on stage.

After fierce competition, ACTIMI emerged as the victors! 

Pitching for the company was Managing Director Dr. Maximilian Weiß, who presented a robust, scalable, and secure platform founded on open standards. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises, the platform offers capabilities typical of many digital health projects.

ACTIMI’s mission is to empower startups by providing them with a head start, ensuring they begin their journey with 70% of the work already done. Their API-First Digital Health Platform enables the next generation of healthcare companies to accelerate their time to market, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

A big shout out to the remaining pitchers for their outstanding effort and enthusiasm on stage:

MedTech World acknowledges the crucial impact startups wield in shaping not only the healthcare sector but any industry they touch. Having traversed the startup landscape firsthand, we empathise with the journey and pledge unwavering support to each startup, affording them the autonomy to chart their own course to success.

Summiting the entrepreneurial peak

In his keynote titled Beyond Base Camp: Charting a Course for MedTech Innovation, Bence Török, MedTech Project Manager at Brighthills, injected the roadshow night with invaluable insights for both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Comparing the startup journey to a mountain climb, Török emphasised the importance of equipping oneself adequately against the challenges ahead. He delineated three categories of equipment every team should possess:

  1. Essential equipment – indispensable components like regulatory compliance, domain expertise, and the right team and partners.
  2. Nice-to-have equipment – useful tools for tasks and seeking professional advice when unsure.
  3. Comfort equipment – procedures ensuring effective workflow within the company.

“Think outside the box – it is a whole new world out there!”

Encouraging attendees to think innovatively, Török stressed the significance of documentation in the medical field and the need for objective evidence. He spotlighted the importance of compliance with standards and regulations and the value of thorough niche knowledge.

Török urged entrepreneurs to develop compelling reasons for embarking on their projects and to select tools that fully support their company’s intellectual property development. Lastly, he urged attendees to engage with end-users regularly, emphasising usability and the importance of listening to their feedback.

“It’s essential to plan with usability, rewarding to use these findings, and a good idea to meet with end users regularly. Go out there and listen!”

Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO at the MedTech World on his welcome keynote at the MedTech World Berlin Roadshow 2024

Be a part of our next gig!

MedTech World is returning to London! 

Teaming up with Queen Mary University, the Roadshow is back on May 29, 2024. Held at the Perrin Lecture Theatre in the Blizard Building, Whitechapel campus, the event promises a day of innovation and inspiration, featuring modern facilities and breakout rooms for interactive sessions.

MedTech World London Roadshow tickets are available here.