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16th April 2024

MedTech World Barcelona Showcase: Setting the Stage for Healthcare Innovation

MedTech World’s upcoming Roadshow in Barcelona, in collaboration with Barcelona Health Hub, marks another milestone in their journey of advancing innovation in healthcare. After successful events in Dubai and Berlin, Barcelona emerges as the next destination owing to its reputation as an upcoming emerging hub of MedTech and Digital Health.

With a vibrant ecosystem comprising startups, healthcare institutions, universities, corporations, and investors, Barcelona offers fertile ground for the exchange of ideas and collaboration. Its conducive environment for innovation is further amplified by the presence of Barcelona Health Hub (BHH).

Barcelona Health Hub, a non-profit association dedicated to catalyzing innovation in digital health, serves as a nucleus for fostering collaboration and driving the digital transformation of the health industry. Occupying a historic architectural complex, BHH brings together over 500 members, including startups, healthcare institutions, and investors, creating an unparalleled platform for innovation and talent attraction.

The synergy between MedTech World and Barcelona Health Hub is poised to reach new heights during the annual Health Revolution Congress, the largest European Summit in Digital Health. Set against the backdrop of the Recinto Modernista, this event promises an immersive experience in cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking innovations, alongside extensive networking opportunities.

During the Health Revolution Congress, MedTech World will co-host a MedTech Startup Pitch Competition, providing a stage for ten innovative startups to showcase their ideas in front of a distinguished panel of judges. The panel comprises renowned investors and industry experts, including Josep LI Sanfeliu, Catello Somma, Marion Zammit, Austin Sawyer, and Pablo Prieto. This competition not only offers startups a chance to gain exposure but also facilitates potential partnerships and investments, propelling them towards success. The winning startup will receive an annual membership from Barcelona Health Hub and a startup pass at MedTech Malta from MedTech World, gaining access to networking, mentorship, and exposure within the global healthcare and MedTech communities.

Dr. Dylan Attard, CEO at MedTech World, expresses his excitement about partnering with Barcelona Health Hub for this event, emphasizing the significance of providing a platform for startups to pitch their ideas in front of world-class investors. He envisions this collaboration as a catalyst for driving innovation and shaping the future of healthcare.

As MedTech landscape continues to evolve, events like the Health Revolution Congress serve as crucial catalysts for fostering collaboration, innovation, and investment in the sector. While startup founders are immersed in the development and realization of their technologies, investors are actively seeking companies to support and drive healthcare transformation worldwide, MedTech World and Barcelona Health Hub stand at the forefront, bridging the gap between these innovators and investors, facilitating connections, and nurturing cutting-edge solutions from conceptualization to tangible advancements in patient care.

Startup Pitch Applications:

Details on how to apply for the competition will be announced shortly, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to seize this chance to showcase their vision and propel their ventures forward. Stay tuned for updates on application guidelines and deadlines, and mark your calendars for May 16th, 2024, to witness the future of healthcare innovation unfold.

For more information regarding the entire day’s event, including the MedTech Startup Pitch Competition and other activities taking place during the Health Revolution Congress, visit

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