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19th November 2021

Deo Debattista: “Science should continue to widen the horizons of healthcare for generations to come”

In a keynote speech addressing Med-Tech World, Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection Deo Debattista explores the immense potential that emerging technology has in revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

He elaborated that digital health, digital literacy and big data may come to form the pillars on which the medical industry of the future will be built on. The future of med-tech is also bright with CRISPR, robotics and genetic engineering just on the horizon.
Moving towards the contemporary state of medical care, Hon. Debattista strongly advocated a move from passivity towards the creation of a proactive approach in terms of medical care and the implementation of technology.
With the advent of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, he stressed that we must not forget the importance of human connection in the age of digital healthcare. This being said, healthcare systems but be part of the evolutionary process of the modern day and this would include the use of digital therapeutics to aid the vulnerable such as diabetics and the chronically ill. Enhanced digital healthcare is a vital step towards a more equitable society.
The evolutionary process must not only come from the end of firms but also from the side of medical professionals who should endorse the use of AI, Big Tech and IoT in augmenting their capabilities. Echoing Charles Darwin, Hon. Debattista reminded the audience that it is not the strongest nor the smartest species that survives and thrives but rather the one most capable of change. This attitude is reflected in Malta’s aims in being a business friendly island especially towards the field of medical technology and the endeavor to transform civil society into a knowledgeable and digital one.
Hon. Debattista concluded by reminding the audience of all the progress mankind has accomplished in recent years and that “science should continue to widen the horizons of healthcare for generations to come.”
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